Winter draindown

To protect your caravan during colder months 

 To ensure your caravan is not damaged by frost during months when the park is open and there is a risk of frost (October, November December, March and April) you should always - when not occupying your caravan carry out the folowing procedures:

  • Turn off the outside water supply stop cock
  • Open all water taps and valves inside the caravan
  • Flush all toilets
  • If you have a central heating boiler leave it with gas and electricity supplies turned on.

In the event of an insurance claim for frost damage it will be important to show that these procedures were followed.

When the park is closed (January and February) it is important to arrange a full drain down and we can arrange for this during the week commencing December 3rd for a fee of £100. (A surcharge of £40 is applied after Christmas)

Or alternatively we can supply and fit a floe automatic drain down system which allows you to drain your own caravan without crawling under to access awkward places and complete the job within a few minutes

Cost £300-£350