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What size caravans do you sell and what can I expect in it?
The smallest caravan on our park is 28 ft long and 12 ft wide with two bedrooms whilst the biggest is presently 39ft long and 12.5ft wide.
Most units have two bedrooms (one double and one twin) with arrangements for sleeping a further two people in the lounge. In recent years all our new caravans have included double glazing and central heating. Nearly all caravans are sold with a timber deck.  Mains electricity (16amps) is supplied by meter to each pitch and gas is supplied from bulk tanks through our metered estate. Mains water is provided through a Severn Trent supply and sewage is discharged to a private treatment plant.  Many caravans have a satellite dish for Freesat or Sky as the terrestial signal for Freeview is not reliable.  Wifi is available for all our caravan users.

Do you sell both new and used caravans?
We offer both new and pre-owned holiday caravans for sale. We usually have a couple of new units as display/demonstrator models, and one or two vacant pitches for your choice of any new model.
We also have a small fleet of holiday letting caravans and these are always available for sale, subject to a small time lag if holiday contracts have to be honoured. We often offer these models for sale at bargain prices in the autumn.

May I buy a caravan elsewhere and bring it on to your park?
It is unlikely that this will make sense financially as we levy a charge to cover all the costs of moving, siting and connecting the caravan in addition to a 'siting fee' which takes the place of any profit we might make when selling you a caravan.
If you already own a caravan and would like to move to a new park we will always be happy to discuss your requirements and take a positive view of the possibilities.

When can I use the caravan?
The park is licensed for caravans to be used for holiday use only at any time between March 1st and Decmber 31st . These dates may vary slightly at the discretion of  the park management from year to year.

Can I live in the caravan?
No. We require all caravan owners to maintain a permanent residential address elsewhere at all times to which all correspondence is sent.    Using a caravan on our park as a permanent home is in breach of our site licence, planning consents and site rules.  If you wish to live in a caravan you should seek a suitable residential park

How much does it cost to buy a caravan?
Our pre-owned caravans start from around £15,000 - although occasionally we have a very clean older model at a lower price.
New caravans are priced at the manufacturer's list price plus £5000 to cover the costs of delivery, siting, connecting and commissioning. A new timber deck would be extra.

How much is the annual cost of keeping a holiday caravan?
We estimate that the cost of keeping a holiday caravan on our park is between £3000 and £3500. This comprises the following charges:
Pitch fees £2204.77
Rates recharge £300 approx (This includes charges for water, sewerage & rates) 
Gas  about £200 - but depends on your consumption
Electricity about £100 - but depends on your consumption
Insurance    between £300 & £400 pa depending on the value of the caravan insured.
There are further optional charges for extra services such as:
Winter drain down
Annual gas safety check
External clean
Small repair and maintenance jobs

How long will a caravan last?
We believe that a modern holiday caravan will remain perfectly serviceable for over 20 years.
We would expect any caravan we sell to be fully serviceable for as long as you wish to use it. Within the time spans indicated most owners either upgrade to a more modern caravan or move on in some other way. We have operated caravan parks in Worcestershire since 1985 and never asked anyone to remove their caravan because of its age. Our standard licence offered provides for the caravan to remain on its pitch until it is 20 year old.

Should I make an allowance for annual maintenance?
We look after the main servicing requirements in the annual costs indicated above. You should expect to  replace batteries (in some boilers, smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, remote controls etc); keep the caravan clean externally, service the lpg and electrical appliances. Overall maintenance is surprisingly small.

Do you have an age limit for caravans on the park?
All caravans are sold with a licence which expires when the caravan is 20 years old. We usually revert to a renewable 1 year extension for owners who wish to kepp their caravan for longer

Can I sell the caravan privately?
If the caravan is less than 20 years old and in reasonable structural condition you may  sell it with the benefit of its pitch. We charge a commission of 15% plus VAT on the sale price and expect buyer, seller and park owner to complete the agreement at the park office at the same time.  We reserve the right to buy the caravan direct at the net price agreed if we judge the buyer not to be suitable for our park.

Can we let the caravan?
We are happy for you to allow personal friends and family to use the caravan. Commercial letting by private owner is not permitted
Are pets allowed?
Pets are permitted but in consideration for other park users they must at all times be kept under firm control and any mess cleared up immediately.  We do not permit pets into some of our letting caravans

Can we arrange our own insurance?
We provide  caravan insurance from a market leader in the sector and we act on their behalf to deal with variations of cover, cancellations, renewals and claims etc directly with caravan owners. The rates we charge are competitive with other products on the market.  If you choose to arrange your own insurance we require to see a copy of the policy provided for inspection each year and we levy a fee of £40 + VAT to cover the cost of this inspection.

Can we park our car next to the caravan?
Yes there is one parking space by each caravan - and there is additional parking at reception

How far is it to the nearest shops?
The nearest shops are in Tenbury or Bromyard - both being 7 miles from the park. 

How far is it to the nearest pub?
The nearest pub is The Baiting house in upper Sapey - about two miles away.

Is there any public transport nearby?
There is no bus service closer than Tenbury.  A car really is essential.

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